Your best tool for hiring excellent investigators.

Credentials and experience can’t tell you if someone will be an effective financial crimes investigator. Our assessment can.

Base your hiring decisions on the things that matter.

At Hyper-S Research, we know credentials are important. In fact, one of our founders, Sarah Beth Felix, sits on the ACAMS task force for two advanced certifications.

We also know experience matters. It takes years to develop the expertise to recognize complex money laundering techniques, sanctions evasion schemes, and elaborate fraud patterns.

Unfortunately, you can’t predict how well investigators will do on the job based on their certifications or years in the field. Fortunately, we’ve found something you can count on.

In our 40 years in anti-financial crime, we noticed some investigators seemed hardwired to recognize the shady financial activity. They were more effective than their peers because they often reasoned and acted differently.

This inspired us to pinpoint these key traits and build a tool to gauge job candidates’ natural wiring for financial investigation.

A proven tool for better hiring.

When investigators fail to stop financial crimes, businesses pay millions in fines and lost reputations.

Like you, we’ve lost sleep worrying our teams were going to miss suspicious activity. Like you, we needed a reliable tool to easily identify highly effective financial investigators.

We combined our decades of AML experience and expertise in psychology and business technology to create that tool.

Based on scientific principles and extensive research, the Hyper-S Assessment is changing how we hire and promote talent in our field.

Now, you can confidently hire candidates who are hardwired for suspicion.

Use the Hyper-S Assessment and recruit investigators who intuitively piece together data points everyone else misses.

Our Founders

Sarah Beth Felix CAMS, M.F.S

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Dr. Mike Felix

Dr. Mike Felix

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Dr Bill Browning

Dr. Billy Browning

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