Build a Legendary Financial Crimes Investigative Unit

The industry’s only assessment to identify the inherent traits of a highly-effective anti-financial crime investigator.

✓ Hire With Confidence

✓ Produce More Effective SARS

✓ Highly Trained AI

Hiring investigators on credentials and experience alone leaves you vulnerable.

  • Lack of Qualitative Metrics
    You don’t have a way to identify whether a candidate has a suspicious gut reaction.
  • Ongoing Blindspots
    Illicit activity slips through the cracks and your organization is penalized.
  • Weak Monitoring Systems
    Your AI is trained by ineffective investigators.

Confidently Keep Your Institution
Out Of Trouble

Watch the video to see how the Hyper-S Assessment will help you
identify the best suspicious minds available so you can hire with confidence.

We’ve cracked the code on how to identify the markers of an effective Financial Crime Investigator so you can hire with confidence.

You can’t train people to have a suspicious gut instinct, but we can help you identify the people who have it.

Our science and research-backed assessment looks at 18 personality and behavioral indicators to identify whether someone is hardwired to catch suspicious activity.

Hire With Confidence

Get critical insight on whether an applicant is hardwired to perform as a highly effective investigator before you hire.

Align Strengths With Roles

Be confident you have the right employee in each position to minimize the risk of illicit activity falling through the cracks.

Skyrocket Team Effectiveness

Sleep at night knowing you have the best suspicious minds at work for you to catch and defend against illicit activity.

We know what it’s like to wonder if illicit activity is slipping past your system or team.

Our team has combined decades of experience as investigators, psychologists, and executives to develop this breakthrough assessment.

Now organizations like yours can determine who is intrinsically hardwired to catch suspicious activity so you can hire the best employees for your specific investigative needs.

Experience you can count on.

40 Years

AML/Sanctions Investigations

50 Years

PhD and Clinical Psychology

40 Years

Senior Technology Executive

Put the right person in the right role.

  • Anti-Money Laundering Investigators
  • Due Diligence Analysts
  • Fraud Investigators
  • Internal Control Investigators
  • Law Enforcement
  • Regulatory & FIU Investigators
  • Sanctions Analysts

What our clients are saying

“Not only has the Hyper-S Assessment helped us effectively identify top-tier investigators, but it’s helped us modify our hiring, training and performance management process to be more strategic and productive.” 

President, Global Cybersecurity Firm

“The assessment provided me with tangible feedback to raise awareness among investigators about their natural tendencies and blind spots. We were able to better align their role with their natural strengths and prepare a development plan for those whose results weren’t too extreme.

I feel much more confident that I have a clear picture of my team’s effectiveness.”

Head of Financial Crimes Risk, Global Fintech

How the Assessment Works to Identify Highly Effective Investigators

Step 1:
Identify Dominant Personality Traits

We use a best-in-class personality assessment to look at a combination of 18 different personality traits that reveal hardwired indicators.

Step 2:
Determine Behavioral Inclinations

Our proprietary behavioral assessment is then combined with hardwired personality traits to indicate whether the candidate will act on their hardwiring.

Step 3:
Analyze the Results

Our team analyzes the results against our research data set to determine whether the applicant is hardwired to catch suspicious activity without being a resource burden.

Behavioral indicators are more than twice as accurate in predicting performance than credentials and experience.

Two Ways to Ensure Your Team is Hardwired to Detect Illicit Activity

Hyper-S Assessment and Consulting Services


New Applicants

Get the insight you need to identify applicants hardwired to deliver results.

  • Online assessment (2 – 750+ people)
  • Custom report that indicates a yes or no fit for up to 4 roles

Assessment + Consulting

Current Employees

Skyrocket effectiveness with your employees in a role aligned to their hardwired abilities.

  • Online assessment (2 – 750+ people)
  • Custom report that indicates fit for
    up to 4 roles
  • Recommended training based on results
  • Strategic support to assist with employee placement

Ready to skyrocket your team’s effectiveness?

Penalties Add Up

AML Penalties


Internal Fraud Penalties


Sanctions Penalties